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Prague brick apartment

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Prague brick apartment Prague 4 - Budějovická

Accepting a brick apartment as a project is always easier than a panel, only in this case its owner was in a hurry, so we had to manage everything in six weeks by the time of moving in. It was an apartment in the original size 2+1, which had to be converted to a 3kk due to the personal needs of the owner and her family. Fortunately, the partition that stood in the way was not load-bearing, so it worked well. We also had to pour new floors due to the different heights in the individual rooms and tap the whole apartment, as the old stucco from 1957 was no longer in shape. Fortunately, everything dried well, the furniture was ordered soon after the purchase of the apartment and the six-week deadline was met, including all the furniture needed to move in the family.

  • Date of realization: 2018
  • Location: Prague